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After the success of the previous project, the same client entrusted us with her new site. We set up new hosting, configured SSL, and installed necessary security plugins. We handled content entry, set up transactional emails, and performed QA testing. Additionally, we provided go-live support, installed and configured essential plugins, and offered maintenance and ongoing support packages. The website features 7 main pages: Home, About, CE Classes, Individual Class Pages, State Info, FAQs, Mentoring, and Contact, along with standard cart and checkout pages.

We integrated LearnDash for LMS features, ensured the cart page allowed multiple class checkouts and implemented conditional discounts. We developed a student portal for material access, quiz taking, assignment submission, progress tracking, and certificate downloads. Custom certificates with branding were enabled, and we added features for checking class status and re-purchase prompts. Discounts and promotions, sales reporting, CSV report downloads, transactional emails, and inactive user reminders were also set up. Payments were integrated via PayPal and Stripe, and user migration from the old site was completed without course relationships.

In addition to the aforementioned tasks, we successfully imported 18,000 users from the old site to the new one, ensuring a seamless transition of user data and accounts.